The Story of Spot

It was post-quake Christchurch and Kris Herbert, a freelance magazine journalist was having a professional crisis. She was fitting this into her life as a mother of a toddler and her new role of sorting out earthquake damaged buildings, dealing with insurance, EQC and finding dog-friendly rental properties in between.

One day, it came to head. Stressed by a deadline and at wit's end, Kris was shocked when her husband asked - why do you even bother with your writing work? It's how it defines me. It's just what I do.

But after initial anger, I decided to think about what else I could use my skills for? I sat down one afternoon and attempted to write a children's book. I'd just been to Wellington and seen japanese dot painter - my head was full of spots. This book came out and I liked it, so I did a simple visual treatment and sent it to my friend Lisette who worked for a publisher.

The feedback was good and some publishers were suggested, but I never took any more action. Spot sat on my hard drive for 8 years. Then lisette started a publishing company of her own and asked about Spot. Would I be keen to crowdfund it under her new model? Absolutely!

By then I was working more in marketing. What a great way for two friends to help each other succeed.

So here we are, working together to bring Spot to life and to expand both of our definitions of ourselves. Just like Spot, we are trying to find where we fit in the world.


Spot the Dot Storyboard