Spot’s creators

We are a creative team – a storyteller, a designer and a publisher – looking for a partner to help us share Spot’s story.


Kris Herbert

Bio tailored to emphasise: content creation, social media marketing and storytelling. Links to Creative Agent, Content NZ and samples of work.

Kris is an award-winning journalist, storyteller and content creator. After 20 years of work in print media, I shifted to content marketing strategy and founded Creative Agent. I've also started Place-Casting to develop location-based storytelling experiences - watch this space!

I believe in the power of storytelling to transform experiences and build connections and trust. I'm geeky about efficiencies in content creation. 


Dylan du Plessis

Founder of studio, telling brand stories, yada yada yada. Award-winning design studio: links to work

Magpie Pulp

Publisher making books that matter. 10 years experience producing exceptional, award-winning books such as xxx (links).