Yay! I’m delighted to announce that When We Remember to Breathe is publishing – our booklovers’ support has made this beautiful book happen.

So, what next?

Well, in many ways this is just the beginning.

Firstly, we are focused on getting the book out to our amazing early supporters. This means getting on with the nitty gritty of book production: preparing files for the printer, confirming paper stock, proofreading, liaising with our shipping coordinators... and, of course, Michele and Renee are giving the book a last, last, last read through. 

Secondly, we'll be working on getting When We Remember to Breathe out into the wider world. So, we're planning a publication launch in May and pre-orders will continue to be available on our website in the meantime.

And thirdly, I’m turning my mind to the next book… watch this space!

Lisette du Plessis