Why am I doing this?!


In 2017, I spent six months editing the words of 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World – and it did. The experience was heartbreaking, moving, inspiring and extremely uplifting. And in it, I found an unignorable challenge. If all these women – many faced with obstacles on a scale unimaginable to me – could work tirelessly and optimistically to improve the world around them, then I could not justify a life in which I failed to do what I could to improve things.

This thinking grew into an idea: Sisters, we got this! – an effort to encourage all women to consider what they, using their unique skills and talents, could do to make the world just a little bit (or indeed a lot) better. 

So, when I asked myself what I could do with my skills and talents to better the world around me ­– and believing as I do in their power to change the world – the answer lay in books. I began to think there had to be a better way for publishers to get authors’ beautiful, world-changing books that matter into readers hands – a way that mitigated prohibitively high production costs and the challenge of duking it out for almost mythically hard-to-attain retail shelf space .

So, Magpie was born.

– Lisette

Lisette du Plessis