Reviews: When We Remember to Breathe


Well, it’s just over a month into our first crowdpublishing campaign and what a busy, exciting, rewarding time its been. Advance reading copies went out and we’ve had some lovely responses to Michele and Renee’s book, which I thought I’d share with you all:

In their enthusiastic review, Kidspot described the book as being part of a sea change in parenting books: “Powles and Liang have a beautiful, almost whimsical, style of writing. The words flow gently across the page, intuitively exploring what it is that gives meaning to our lives in the new millennium.”

"A poetic glimpse into motherhood – tangential, humorous and somehow reassuring." – Jackie van Beek

“This delightful journey through the first five years of mothering, as told by two friends, an author and a paediatrician, is must reading for parents, and parents to be. Wise and clever, always funny and sometimes sad, this collection goes deep to the heart of what it means to be a mother, and a friend.” – Sonja de Friez

“It’s so, so good. I love the peaks and troughs, and how it flows and twines together.” – Fe Fi Fo Mum

Lisette du Plessis