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How does Magpie work?


We discover and commission exceptional books that matter, released into gorgeous collections around themes that are important to us and to our readers – such as Beauty, Truth, Environment, Change and Innocence (children's books). And, inspired by Magpie's origins, our first book will launch the Sisters, we got this! collection, books that celebrate and support strong women of action.


Together with our community of readers and booklovers, we fund these works via pre-sales from our website.


Once we've reached our funding target, printed books are beautifully produced and shipped to our eagerly waiting booklovers. Digital editions are prepared earlier, during the funding campaign, and sent out as soon as they are ready.


Royalties from profits are shared with our authors and a portion of the publisher's profits goes to charities or social projects dear to our authors' hearts.


We share our crowdpublished books with the world – for sale on and elsewhere.


We love our readers and they love us. And together we love the growing library of book collections we publish.



  • How does crowdpublishing work?

    To help get our books off the ground, we invite readers to purchase ebooks and pre-purchase advance print copies. This enables us to raise funds for print production costs. Money from these pre-sales is held, pending completion of the campaign. Once we have raised sufficient funds, the print book is produced and distributed to eagerly waiting booklovers. If the goal is not reached and a campaign is unsuccessful, we refund the full amount of the print pre-purchase immediately. In the case of ebooks, these remain our readers' to enjoy. For more about how Magpie works, please see 'How We Work' in our menu.

  • How do I buy a book?

    Magpie books can be bought in two ways: you can buy an ebook or pre-purchase a print copy of a book from during our crowdpublishing campaign and, once the book is published, copies will be sold from Our books need support at crowdpublishing stage in order to fly, though, so to incentivise crowdpublishing sales, the crowdpublishing price is lower than the post-publication price.

  • How do I give a book as a gift?

    Ebooks: We will send you an email containing links to digital versions of the book. This is a single-use link, so if you wish to gift it you can forward on to the person of your choice. Print books: If you wish the book to be sent directly to the lucky giftee, simply put their details in as the shipping address. Each order can specify one delivery address only, though, so if you are ordering for both yourself and for someone else, we recommend you request delivery to your own address and forward the gift copy on yourself. Alternatively, you can process separate transactions, with separate delivery addresses and shipping charges if you wish.

  • When will my purchased book arrive?

    Ebooks are ready now and are sent out via email as soon as they are purchased. In the case of the print version, our schedule and funding goal are focussed on getting books to mums well in time for next Mother's Day. So, because it takes between four and six months to produce, print, ship and distribute a physical book, yours will arrive within up to six months of its pre-sale funding campaign closing (that is, by April 2019). We note that, as a publisher, we know the ins and outs of book production – so, unlike books purchased on crowdfunding platforms, where first-time booksellers can become unstuck when it comes to delivering their books, you can trust that our books will arrive when we say they will.

  • How else can I support a book?

    In addition to buying an ebook or pre-purchasing a print book, you can also choose the 'co-publisher' option, which makes an additional contribution towards helping us reach our crowdpublishing target. And we’d love it if you would share the word about Magpie with the booklovers in your life: by inviting them to join our Facebook community, sharing our website or simply telling them about us!

  • What are the collections?

    Our first book, When We Remember to Breathe, will kick off the Sisters, we got this! collection, celebrating and supporting strong women of action. Future titles will appear in evolving collections, with themes such as Beauty, Truth, Environment and Innocence (children’s books).

  • What formats do you offer?

    Our first crowdpublishing campaign is producing When We Remember to Breathe in ebook (.epub and .mobi) and print format. Future formats will include audiobooks and serialisations, as appropriate to the work in question. Please see 'How do I read a Magpie ebook?' for instructions on how to use our digital formats.

  • How do I read a Magpie ebook?

    We've made it easy to get ebooks up and running on all devices, so our digital editions will be accessible to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, computer or e-reader. We provide you with two ebook formats within a compressed .zip file. Double click the .zip file to open its contents, which include easy-to-follow instructions on which file to use for your device and how to read it. If you have any difficulties, you can contact us for support:

  • Are you accepting submissions?

    Yes. Fiction, non-fiction, photographic or illustrated: if it’s beautiful and matters, we want to see it! But please note: Magpie is as-yet fledgling and is focusing on launching and crowdpublishing its first book; as such, it may take a while for us to respond. But be assured we will get back to you – we know how much your work means to you.

  • Where can I get my book shipped to?

    As a New Zealand publisher, we are initially focusing on distributing in New Zealand and Australia. We have, however, also provided shipping options to North America and the United Kingdom – in time we will be developing fulfilment arrangements that mean books can be shipped to these countries at local rates, but for now shipping rates for these reflect international shipping charges.

  • How will I know whether the book I am supporting has successfully been funded?

    We will email you when the crowdpublishing campaign for your book has finished and let you know if the funding target has been reached and the book is going into production. We will also let you know when to expect your book.

  • What happens if the funding target is not reached in time?

    If we are close to our goal, and production schedules allow, we may be able to extend the time of our pre-sale funding campaign. But if the goal is not reached and a campaign is unsuccessful, you will be refunded the full amount of your print pre-purchase immediately. Your ebook remains yours to enjoy. If you have pre-purchased both a print and an ebook, then you will be refunded the print portion of your pre-purchase.

  • Can I cancel or change my pre-purchase before the goal is met?

    No, once you have purchased an advance copy you are unable to cancel your order. We will refund an order if the campaign is unsuccessful, however, or if your book arrives in unsatisfactory condition.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Our store provides easy shortcuts to use if you want to pay by Pay Pal or GPay, or you can fill in your details from scratch and pay with any a debit or credit card.

  • Can I pledge money to support a book as well as buying copies?

    Yes, by all means. In our store's pre-purchase options, you can select the $50 co-publisher option - this gives you ebook + pulp, makes an additional contribution towards helping us reach our crowdpublishing target, and your name will be printed in the imprint page like bona-fide co-publisher. Just select the co-publisher option at checkout, chose the quantities that reflect how much you'd like to contribute, then sit back and bask in our vast gratitude and admiration for your discerning taste in beautiful books.

  • How secure is it to buy on

    Payments are processed through, which allows you to pay via Shopify Payments powered by Stripe, and via Pay Pal or G Pay, which have comprehensive buyer protection policies.