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Let’s make beautiful books together.

When We Remember to Breathe has launched –
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Magpie is a publisher that is bringing readers and booklovers into the publishing process.

Our readers make books happen by supporting our funding campaigns with pre-purchases, and together we bring more beautiful books into the world, in affordable collections we'll keep, cherish, enjoy, share and grow for years to come.

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Our first book is funded! So what's next?!

We have a few things up our sleeves. 

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  • Simple, easy and transparent crowdpublishing – We publish our works via advance crowdsales from our website, using an established platform.
  • An online publishing community – We are bringing authors, creators and readers together to make books that matter.
  • Global reach to an international marketplace – creating cost efficiency, easy distribution and better income for authors.

WITH THE BEST OF TRADITIONAL publishing curation and knowhow:

  • Publishing excellence and expertise – Magpie brings a publisher's curation and quality control, editorial, marketing, production and distribution prowess.
  • Beautiful collections of physical books, inspired by the great pulp publishing endeavours of old.
  • Support and income for talented authors and creators.